Carrefour successful case

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  • LianDa
  • March 13, 2017
   On 21st July, 2014, our company was inquired for a pillow sold by Carrefour by a Trader in HK.

   As these pillows were supposed to be promotional goods, the customer had a very high demand for a short leadtime.
   We quoted quickly after we received the inquiry. And the customer asked for customized fabric color and embroidery.

   As customizing the fabric color takes much time, in order to save time, we offered to make sample to confirm the color and embroidery on our cost without any order and sample fee, and confirm the new costs for customer.

   In merely 5 days we finished the sample and sent it to the customer. The customer was quite content with the sample quality, but required for a lower price. To balance the cost and function, our product department worked out some methods to reduce the cost without affecting the functions of the pillow and the order was finally put. The leadtime was the major problem after the order was put, so our sourcing department negotiated with the supplier and successed in demanding the supplier to deliver the materials in advance, then the production management department made some adjustments on all the current orders, product line and working time so the order was fulfilled in time with high quality.