Success Case – Order from Disney

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  • LianDa
  • December 22, 2016
    On 5th Mar, 2015, there came an inquiry from a customer, an agent authorized by Disney, who wanted to have 20,000pcs travel pillow as gifts. Though travel pillow itself is very simple, the requirement for the customized logo is very strict. We were surprised to hear that we were not the first supplier they inquired about, and all the suppliers ahead of us had been turned down as the sample quality didn’t meet the requirements. Our first round of sample was turned down directly, and when the second sample was finished, the customer thought we had some progress but still the sample needed to be improved. And finally the customer accepted the logo quality and confirmed the sample when the third sample was done. After the order was put, our QC staffs had done their very best to ensure the order was fulfilled with high quality.