The Cooperation with Hyundai Korea

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  • LianDa
  • December 22, 2016
    The inquiry from Hyundai Korea came in April, 2016. The customer wanted to order a kind of car seat cushion to promote the sales of automobile. The customer didn’t provide any design and just told us the concepts, and wished that our company could help them realize the design. After the endeavor of our company’s R&D team, we worked out the original shape of the product, and after about four times of sampling and detail changes, the final product design was confirmed.

    It took us around 20 days to finish the design from the date we received the inquiry. We went through numbers of video meetings, telephone meetings and email communications in this period, and each time of communication would help us solve some detail problems, and these had all contributed to the confirmation of product.

    Hyundai Korea highly appreciated our works in the design process. Our professionalism, strictness and honesty had impressed our customer deeply and this had led to a deal eventually. We had successfully presented our customer with 100% qualified products in the promised lead time.

    Constant communication, treating every client honestly and helping every customer to handle every problem, these are what all our Lian Da staffs promise to every customer.