How often should replace a new memory foam pillow?

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  • LianDa
  • September 18, 2017

If you can’t keep in mind however long it’s been since you bought your comfort memory foam pillow, it'd be time to believe replacement it. Though you’re not experiencing pain or discomfort, specialists say the overall rule of thumb is that you should get a brand new pillow each one to two years.

You may be prepared for a replacement pillow if you're you perpetually punching or re-fluffing your down or artificial pillow to urge support or if your foam pillow looking and feeling lumpy.


You can try to folding the pillow in half. If it stays folded and then it’s time for buy a new pillow.

Why should to I replace my pillow?

There are two key reasons why you ought to replace your pillow.

Hygiene. Similar to mattresses, we are able to let body oils, dead skin cells, and fluids absorb into the pillow and build up over time. Not solely is that sort of uncomfortable, however it will become a surroundings that bacteria, dust mites, and allergens.


Good sleep. If your neck and head are supported properly and your spine is aligned, you sleep well. Over time, pillows can naturallychange form and lose their original shape. This goes for just about any pillow filling and might be thought of as general wear and tear. Substitution your pillow ensures that you’re obtaining the correct alignment for your head and neck nightly.


How am i able to keep my pillow last longer?

Just like you’re pretect your mattress, you ought to decide to shut in your pillow with a protective covering. This will keep allergens at the bay and stop the pillow absorb all of your face and body oils and drool. Wash the duvet roughly once a month.


Clean your actual pillow a minimum of once a year. Some specialists counsel you clean it as typically as each three months.

Follow the care directions for your specific pillow, some might tell you to possess it professionally done however others you'll launder reception.

Some pillows – like sliced memory foam pillows – may have an additional spin to get rid of eliminate excess water and somewhat overtime within the appliance so as to make sure it’s fully dry.

For non-washable pillows, vacuum them or throw them within the appliance on “air only” setting for 15-20 minutes. Spot clean stains with a textile that’s been gently moistened with delicate soap and water.


The bottom line 

To ensure an honest night’s sleep and correct head and neck support, keep an eye fixed on however long you’ve had your pillow. Once 2 years, take into account replacement it – there ar such a large amount of innovative soft memory foam contours pillows out there to settle on from.


In the meanwhile, you'll facilitate keep your pillow in good condition by cleansing it often (if possible) and being responsive to any neck discomfort or stiffness which will indicate that the pillow is not any longer supporting you properly.