Does Sleep Position Indicate Intelligence?

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  • LianDa
  • September 01, 2017

  New analysis suggests the position you sleep in might tell you lots regarding yourself—your health, your age, maybe even your education level.

  Although the sleeping position is essentially a matter of perceived comfort and habit, the study found sleep positions have an effect on sleep quality. as an example, people that sleep within the Log position report obtaining an improved night sleep than those within the fetal. Also, people that sleep within the sea star or Log positions area unit a lot of doubtless to somnambulate.

  The study found that Log sleepers are a lot of seemingly to think about themselves to be healthy, whereas introverts have the strongest aversion to the Freefall sleep position.

 Sleep position

Other insights include:

Women ar a lot of seemingly to sleep within the vertebrate position compared to men (54% vs. 39%).

The Soldier (11%), echinoderm (7%), and Log (6%) sleep positions ar the smallest amount standard, nonetheless people who sleep in these positions ar a lot of seemingly to mention it's medical edges.

Log sleepers ar a lot of seemingly than vertebrate, Freefall, or longer sleepers to mention their pad is incredibly snug. It may be they feel this manner as a result of they’re a lot of seemingly than different sleepers to get down and check their pad before buying.

BSC sleep skilled Terry Cralle, RN, an authorized sleep professional and author, offers these higher sleep position tips:


Back sleepers (Soldier or Starfish): Sleeping on your back might induce lower back pain and apnea, that interferes with traditional sleep. If you expertise back pain, contemplate inserting a pillow or rolled towel beneath your knees to align the natural curve of your spine.

Stomach sleepers (Freefall): Sleeping this manner will cause strain on your lower back and may cause potential neck pain. strive employing a soft pillow or none the least bit once sleeping, therefore your neck won’t be at an ungainly angle.

Side sleepers (Log, Yearner, Fetal) – facet sleeping is one in every of the foremost common ways that to sleep; sleep specialists suggest you sleep on your face so as to rest a lot of well and reduce the probability of interrupted sleep.