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Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

The memory foam gel pillow for cooling summer responds to temperature and pressure to mold to your shape by creating the perfect support for your head, neck an...

Product Specification:
  • Material :

    100% Polyester

  • Model Number :


  • Filling :

    Memory Foam

  • Density :


  • cover :




Product name

Cooling Memory Foam Pillow

Item No.



 50×30×10/7.5 cm


Interior: 780 grams

Covered: 950 grams

Outer Covering

33% Bamboo Cover, 67% Terylene / 80% Cotton, 20% Terylene

Inner Covering

Mite and Allergen proof Cover(100% Polyester)


100% Premium Quality Memory Foam + additional cool gel pack

Color Availability

Pink/Blue/Yellow/Pink/Blue etc.





1.It pulls moisture away from the skin so the skin stays considerably more dry and cool.


2.Keyboard format gel breathable technology designed to create a comfortable sleep quality. Increase 30% land area of the head space ventilation.


3.Natural eco-friendly fabric and it incorporates anti-bacterial and deodorizing properties. Sleep on the Cool Gel Side in Summer and turn over in Winter for Warmth.


4.Soft and comfortable, smooth and does not irritate the skin.


5.Effectively reduce about 1.5-2°C of the body's surface temperature, to create fresh and comfortable sleep environment.



ShenZhen LianDa Technology Industrial Co., Ltd.


Great to neck: The unique polymer structure for gel provides incredible stability and unique mechanical properties.Perfect fit the cervical curve, solve the vertebral strength problem effectively.


Balance the pressure: Three-dimensional distribution of pressure gel sequential manner adapted to suit each persons shape,giving the effect of a second layer of skin, which moves like skin.


Protect the skin: Gel can slow and clam tired skin, and moisturize the skin PH is not absorbed by the outside world. The H-ons gel doesnt stimulate the skin, balance sebum secretion and anti-allergic.


Without powder: Test with SGS inspect on authority, the gel pad from H-ons is safe, environmental and without any powder. It can protect our respiratory system very well.


Physical protection: The physical protection of the gel has a great effect on analgesia, depressuringvale, anti-hyperglycaemia.


Anti bacteria/mite: The gel pad can block all the dust and bacteria effectively. You dont worry about the bacteria come with moisture in the human body.



1. Form & Function to the Gel

Gel formation is to make the proteins, enzymes, recombine proteins, antibodies, Nucleic acids and other biological molecules, processed by thousands of experiments and fifteen measuring Chromatography and purification.Eventually extracted a substance just like a similar skin-specific. Alike a solid but it is a liquid in deed. Thermostatic antibacterial, anti-mite high Voscoelastic material, a rarity of it, and then to be known as human skin Reputation GEL(durable gel), ventilation, compression, never change, do not harden, not aging, do not fade, not broken do not contain plasticize and do not irritate the skin and gels and this is a unique subject and therefore has a thermostat Cool Features.


2.Space-slow Rebound Memory Foam

Polyether polyurethane, commonly known as space memory foam,developed by NASA on 1960s. This is an open-style cell structure material, with a sense of temperature and relief-pressure characteristics of the earliest applications on the space shuttle. It is reached and developed in order to relieve the largest and most dangerous pressure for the astronauts when they leave and return to the ground. And later developed for civilian medical products, the first was used in a medical emergency, and most widely applied in Monitoring system.


Gel Memory Foam Pillow could lower temperature efficiently

Combine with Superior Memory Foam and Natural Latex, giving your good support and efficiently lower skin temperature 1-1.5 degree centigrade (dont have distinct cooling feeling, only 1-1.5 degree centigrade lower than normal things), to create pure and fresh and comfortable sleep environment for you.




memory foam travel neck pillow package (1)memory foam travel neck pillow package (2)memory foam travel neck pillow package (3)

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