How to Clean Memory Foam Pillows?

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  • LianDa
  • September 18, 2017

How to Clean Memory Foam Pillows

  Memory foam pillows are thus soft and snugly. They cradle and support your head and neck and the general public agree that they supply a much better night's rest. What's the secret behind this soft pillow?  Memory foam is created from polyurethane.  it's extremely comfy as a result of it softens in reaction to body heat, permitting it to mould absolutely to a heat body (or head) in precisely many minutes, then snap back to it's original form simply many minutes once the nice and cozy body has affected elsewhere. Even though memory foam has the power to quickly whisk you off to la-la land, it is not thus fun within the land of stain-removal.

 how to clean your pillow
Follow the following tips to wash and refresh your prized and cozy pillow.
Cleaning Precautions
Memory foam is incredibly delicate: ancient stain removers, scrubbing, rubbing or provocative within the washer can break down the fabric. Use a lightweight bit once cleansing and removing stains & continuously use light cleaners.
1. Use as very little liquid as possible: wet gets at bay in these kinds of pillows and adding a lot of liquid (or any improvement agent) it'll solely compound your drawback. Damp pillows will become a tract for microorganism and mould,not to mention start releasing foul odors.
Cleaning Precautions
Memory foam is extremely delicate: ancient stain removers, scrubbing, rubbing or agitative within the washer can break down the fabric. Use a lightweight bit once cleanup and removing stains & invariably use light cleaners
What To Avoid
Memory foam isn't created to induce wet and if it will get wet, it does not unleash the wet simply. Any liquid will produce a significant downside rather quickly...but before you go in panic mode, keep the subsequent tips in mind: 
Don't place the pillow within the washer.
Don't place the pillow within the drier.
Don't use hot or heat water to wash the pillow.
Don't scrub the pillow or treat the surface raspingly.

Removing Surface Stains
If there is an odor on the pillow from the spill, there ar some solutions below. As I've explicit , any stain that has saturated memory foam can not be safely removed while not wrecking the pillow. however instead of toss the pillow, you'll use the solution below.
Mix cold water and atiny low quantity of delicate soap in an exceedingly instrumentation.Use a clean cotton or Turkish towel and dip it within the mixture.Wring out excess wet.Apply the improvement resolution gently and meagerly by dabbing the pillow surface - begin from the surface of the stain and work inward.Repeat the method till the stain is gone.

Put the pillow in a region with sensible air circulation to dry fully.
If the stain does not start, a contemporary pillow case will hide the stain terribly nicely. If there's no odor caused by the stain, you will not even notice it.
Removing Odor
Any remaining odor or general freshening will be treated with success. strive one in all the solutions below.
Baking Soda
If your pillow smells funky, sprinkle alittle sodium bicarbonate on that and let it stand for a day or so. Then shake or gently vacuum the pillow with the comb attachment. Once all of the sodium bicarbonate has been vacuumed up, you can place the pillowcase back on.


If it's heat outside, daylight and a heat breeze is extremely effective at removing and neutralizing odor. If you'll be able to do while not it, take it outside for on a day or two and place it within the sun. It ought to smell as contemporary as new.
Keeping Your Memory Foam Pillow Clean
Preventative measures square measure your best insurance to shield your pillow for years to come!